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VERSION: WHAT SHE SAID (In no way related to "That's what she said")
YEAR: 2014


    Jesse took a long glance at their surroundings. It was a partly cloudy mid day in suburban Chicago.

    "Nobody else is around."

    The wind started to pick up. Jesse shivered a bit.

    Tiffany caught back up with him and put a hand on his shoulder.

    "I'd expect that at this time though?"

    They both paused in thought. None of the lights were on in any of the houses and if Jesse and Tiffany paid more attention, they would have noticed the clouds getting darker.

    Jesse sighed. "No, that's not really what I meant. If I say anything, I'll just jinx it."

    Tiffany took his hand off of Jesse's shoulder and put both hands on her waist. She started to say something but decided against it.

    "If you say so. Let's try and get out of the middle of the road, oka--"

    A loud droning noise rang out as a strange light appears in the sky. It grew larger and larger until a loud crack announced the arrival of a giant...thing. Multiple eyes, some elongated, some round, covered spindly legs that lead up to a overal shaped body entirely covered with even more eyes. Whatever parts weren't covered with eyes showed strange ashen flesh. The thing started slowly approaching Tiffany and Jesse.

    Jesse was alarmed, Tiffany was holding off alarm to see what move the thing would make next.

    "Let me guess," Tiffany said. "You were gonna say something like 'It's TOO quiet!' or 'Something's wrong here...'"

    Jesse slowly nodded. "I think I jinxed us by mentioning trying to avoid anything that would jinx us."

    Tiffany raised her arm and pointed at the thing. "But that's what we CAME here for!"

    Jesse slowly backed away from Tiffany on his way to the sidewalk. "Hey, that's your assignment, what you came here for! I'm just gonna do what you said and get out of the road!"

    Tiffany stood perfectly still with an open mouth as the thing walked over her. She looked up to see the thing even had a giant eye covering its' underside, elongated much like some of the leg eyes, but larger. Tiffany's face shifted to what she hoped was a neutral expression as she shifted her head, lingering at one eye and moving onto the next.
    The main conclusion that came to her mind at this point was that if the thing wanted to stop her at any point, it likely would have tried already.

    Jesse was standing on the adjacent sidewalk, deliberately between two houses. He kept giving nervous glances toward their windows, thinking that the residents might try to bail at any moment. Instead, he noticed other people.

    Tiffany was debating what to do next when the lightning struck the thing. Its legs started staggering while it tried to hold its ground against the lightning blast. Soon, one after the other, the initial blast would be met by three more. Tiffany could feel her hair starting to stand on end, her vision starting to flicker...then she could feel herself being strongly shoved out of the way, out from under the thing. The charges weren't hitting her directly, but she was still feeling the effects up until Jesse had rushed in. Before she could stumble onto the ground, Jesse propped her back up.


    The thing ended up slowly bursting into particles, which then also bursted into smaller particles. This repeated a few times before the thing was gone for good. A quiet moment passed when the wind blew away what little there was remaining. Or at least it would have been quiet if it wasn't for Jesse.

    Jesse had to cuss up a storm considerably longer than he was expecting before the blasts had stopped and the thing disappeared. When he stopped his ranting, it was followed up by another person's ranting, cussing voice coming from farther away.

    Tiffany was coming out of her daze. She lightly smacked her right cheek a few times, then quickly shook her head. Four shots belong to four guys who quickly approached them. After she felt close to normal, she spoke up.

"...were we...just not that obvious to you compared to...Peepers? Peepers. Yeah, we'll go with that."

    She recognized who the four guys were immediately, they were alternate versions of Patrick, Joe, Pete, and Andy, the ones from this version of Earth. The main differences she could notice from the alternates back on Chord 4 in Arcturus were their military inspired outfits, Patrick being sideburned and slightly chubbier, Joe's hair being drawn back into a ponytail, and Andy being clean shaven with thin rimmed glasses. Also, heavily armed. Tiffany thought Pete looked super concerned, but she realized that he had that in common with how the Pete back on Arcturus usually telegraphed concern without saying it.

    Jesse was muttering to himself and looking down at the ground, Tiffany could pick up on him saying "...are those science guns? They are sooooo not with Tesladyne..." before refocusing on the guys.

    "Whatever it's supposed to be called, I sensed absolutely no threat from it. It was deliberately trying to be careful and it didn't obliterate me on sight so why did YOU do it?"

    While she was talking she had raised her arms up in a shrugging motion. It took her a few seconds to realize that in all of the commotion, her human disguise of purple pigtails, light white skin, a sleeveless stripped shirt, knee length shorts, sandals, and a parka tied to her waist hadn't maintained itself. She was now looking like her regular self. Purple pig tails, pink face, blue streamlined humanoid body with various mechanical elements and indentations, and built in high heels.


    Pete broke out into a grin. Tiffany immediately noticed long canines, with incisors half the size to the sides of them. They were rather prominent, like he sometimes had trouble keeping his mouth closed because of them, and when he started to speak, she noticed a hint of a lisp.

    "That's the exact reaction I get from people when I bust these out," Pete joked, his index fingers pointing at the fangs in the top row right at the moment he said "these out".

    "Sorry for nearly killing you!" Joe said, feeling a figurative hole bore into the right side of his face. Patrick wasn't exactly a fan of his flippancy in this moment.

    "Well then," Tiffany said. "Vampires. Robots. Magically appearing giant leggy eye monsters. Nice way to start things off."
Tiffany, Jesse, and the Boys all met each other with smiles, some more earnest and/or nervous than the others.


"Not Another 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles...' Story"
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